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Best Beaches in Goa


“Watching the sunrise in a beach in Goa realizes you what you have been missing so far in your life”.

Missing these indefinable beautiful moments in your life is the worst loss you can ever give to your heart and soul. Here, on the beaches of Goa, you can find Golden sand, swaying palm groves, picturesque sunsets, shacks on the beach, seafood and drinks, parties, water sports, massage and yoga and whatever you can think of in the wildest of your imagination. Beaches here have their own reputation and personality. So let’s get all of them introduced to some best beaches in Goa so that you find a beach perfect of your own kind.

sandy beach in the beautiful resort location in Goa


To begin with Anjuna beach the “little Vagator beach” is one of the most popular beaches in North Goa, located between Baga beach in the north and Ozran beach. It is one of the beaches famous for its Hippie party culture. In the last few decades, it has even attracted a lot of Indian crowds and is also famous for its Water sports. Anjuna beach has basically divided into 3 parts. Anjuna Rocks, Anjuan beach and Curlies shack. Anjuna rocks have their way very straight, but to reach Anjuna beach you have to pass a rocky road which goes with Flea market across it. It is good to walk down that flea market and see the stuff they sell. If you like something you can even grab something for yourself and your family. Flea Market in Anjuna beach is held every Wednesday. Banyan Soul, Cafe Diego, Whole Bean Tofu or Casa Anjuna is a must-visit here. Anjuna beach has a lot of Famous shacks like café Lilliput, café pirates, etc. This beach even looks beautiful due to the colorful presentation the shack gives. Even the curlies beach shack gives a very wonderful place to go and enjoy both the food and the amazing view.

Anjuna has a lot of accommodation facilities nearby it ranging from luxury resorts, guesthouses and hostels. In the last few decades, there are growing no. of hostel stay options in Goa.

Anjuna beach can be a little crowded especially in the months of December and January. It is definitely worth to be placed among the best beaches in Goa.

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three coconut trees on brown sand near body of water during daytime


Baga beach is the second most crowdest beach in Goa. It also offers you a wonderful nightlife with great options for music and food and BAGA BEACH is also a major tourist attraction due to its nightlife.

Being under the jurisdiction of Calangute, Baga beach is famous for its creek, water sports, diving adventure and Fun Park. Baga beach is especially a gifted place for Nature Lovers, Fun Lovers, and Adventure Seekers.

BAGA BEACH is very popular amongst the young generation as well as elders this fun-filled beach is the best place for dancing parties and barbeques. 

There are a lot of beach sacks at Baga, which provide you great options to lie along the beach and enjoy the sea.

Titos lane is the lane that leads to the Baga beach and is full of party clubs like Titos, Mambos, Kamaki, etc. 

The Baga area is full of options to stay nearby the beach. Due to the variety that Baga offers along with the markets, Ayurvedic and Thai spa, foot spa and food restaurants it has become a very popular destination for Indians. So if you are looking for a place with all facilities nearby Baga is a Good option 

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India - Goa - 010 - Touristy Baga Beach.jpg


Candolim beach is a beautiful beach in North Goa, located between the Baga-Calangute stretch and the Aguada Fort. The best time to plan your trip to Candolim beach is from November to March as the weather then is quite l comfortable and cool. In addition to the natural beauty of the sea around, here there a number of activities one can indulge in. The best thing to do is the water sport activities like jet skiing, catamaran sailing, banana rides, surfing, banana rides, bump rides, parasailing and paragliding. In the winters around December, SUNBURN FESTIVAL is celebrated on Candolim beach for a triplet of days.  One can go to places like Shiro Nightclub, Club LPK, and Pharos and enjoy stuff like live music, cocktail, mocktail, karaoke.

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Candolim Beach



Palolem beach is one of the best beaches for relaxation most of the tourists here can be seen sunbathing, listening to music, playing football or simply walking on the sand. Kids enjoy making sand houses and other such structures. Palolem beach is very close to Monkey Island So, after enough walk on Palolem beach, consider moving towards Monkey Point. This beach is also known for a crazy Nightlife. Visit the Silent Noise Party at Neptune Point and enjoy the music on your headphones and dance till the music ends.

Palolem Beach Front View From Papilon Resort


Adding further to the list of top 10 beaches is the Butterfly Beach. Butterfly beach is indeed a fairyland, which is located on the high northern end of Palolem beach. In the paradise of South Goa paradise, this nice piece of coast is single, lonely and solitary. The Golden sand at the foot of high rocks, which surrounds the butterfly Beach with a dense ring from the land, will make you feel yourself in heaven. As suggested by the name when trees bloom, you can see lots of different beautiful butterflies flying here and there. The only secret way to get to this wonderful paradise is by water. 

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Calangute beach also called “Kolli Gutti” or “land of the fishermen” is one of the three most popular beaches in North Goa. Here, at Calangute beach, you can easily find water sports, shops, street vendors, cafes, beach shacks, and massage parlors. Coconut and palm trees are present along the shore. Also, Calangute beach is a party destination, perfect for young people and makes its place among the top 10 beaches of Goa.

Image result for calangute beach


Cola beach is a stunning beach hidden in South Goa that very few tourists know of. Being remote, it feels like a private beach. Cola beach remains hidden by thick vegetation, palm trees, and hilly terrain. Cool, the fresh breeze of the palm trees rejuvenates the mind. One can visit Cola beach throughout the year, but the peak time is between November and February when the weather is sweet. You will experience a long, sunny day with very little rain. Nice breeze from the Arabian Sea comes in and touches you. 

Image result for cola beach


Vagator Beach provides a wholesome escapade offering everything like sightseeing, water sports, shopping and tranquility. Vagator beach is one of the most popular tourists’ destination in terms of foreigners, the beach has a very lovely resort beside it known as W Goa (A five-star property in Goa). 

Vagator beach is also extremely famous among Westerners and is a permanent residence for many of them. It is the place that enchants people of all ages. This pretty beach is the perfect destination to appreciate the combination of sand, sun & sea.

Water sports like Jetski, Banana ride Bumper Ride and parasailing are available on this beach during the season time.

This beach has a very beautiful surrounding, covered from both the sides with rocks and chapora fort on Top Gives this place a lovely photographic view. This beach can be completely viewed from the Chapora fort and looks very breathtaking from there.

To the north corner of Vagator beach is the Dream beach which is separated by some big rocks. That side of this beach is completely different and a kind of dream at this place. A lot of movie shootings are also done at this Dream beach. You will find a lot of foreigners at this place enjoying their time. Vagator beach even has a lot of stay options around it and near the beaches. There are also some famous restaurants nearby which provide very delicious food with different cuisine. 

Definitely, Vagator beach is a must-visit for your next trip to Goa. Time to Visit the Vagator beach from November to February. 

Image result for vagator beach


If you wish to spend some moments in solitude, then Arambol Beach is the perfect place to be in Goa. Arambol beach is relatively unexploited by tourists and therefore a perfect spot for going to enjoy a day in the sun with your folks. Also known as Harmal Beach, the Arambol beach is regarded as the heaven for those searching for some quietness and solitude. 

Arambol is one of the most famous beaches of Goa is a hub of meditation and yoga centers, tattoo parlors and thai chi classes. It is famous among foreigners as it offers various courses of dance, yoga, meditation and musical instruments.  Arambol is also famous for music shows and live performances which is dominated by the Gypsie band. Jan to Feb is a recommended time to visit various occasions like In – touch festival, the Indian juggling convention and the tribal dance festival takes place at this time.

Dolphin sighting organized by local fishermen is one of the popular activities here. It can be visited normally all through the year. 

Adventure sports like kite surfing & paragliding are enabled due to strong wind in November to February duration.

You may discover a stone sculpture beside the banyan tree famously known as the money stone with the slogan “ Give if you can and take if you have to engraved on it”

While heading to this spot you can also discover monkeys and exotic birds.

Along with the Arambol beach spread you will find a lot of restaurants offering various cuisines from all over the world. So this time if you are looking for a good and lovely stay at cheap costs you can definitely go with Arambol beach.

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Dona Paula beach the paradise of lovers is a heaven on earth that offers golden spots and large space for sunbathing while relaxing in the peaceful beaches adjacent to clear blue waters. Tourists coming in Dona Paula beach love to indulge themselves in water sports like parasailing, kayaking, etc. and get the adrenaline rush.  Moreover, the markets for shopping in Dona Paula beach are also vibrant and have shiny names of food and drinking spots to attract visitors.

Querim Beaches

Querim Beach is located just next to Arambol Beach is a lovely 02 km stretch of white sand one of the best beach in Goa. This place is dotted with heritage Goan bildings.

Querim beach is peaceful and relaxing and close to Arambol Beach (also famous for Russians).

As Querim beach is the last beach in North Goa, it attracts very less crowd, which also makes this beach a proper place to relax.

This lovely beach has a liver inlet also considered as the north border of Goa.

The river inlet the rows of pine trees and some rocky out corps gives this place a scenic view.

It’s great to find a shady place and enjoy the rolling waves while spinning your cocktail.

Across the terekhol river is the terekhol fort built in the 17th century. Due to its scenic view, the fort is now converted to a hotel that gives a breathtaking view of the river and the sea. Located 45 km from Panaji Querim beach is a must-visit if you are looking for a silent place to enjoy.

Mandrem Beach 

Mandrem is around 22 km from Panaji, and still one of the best-unexplored beaches of Goa.

Mandrem beach is a beauty with silver-white sand, clear oceanic water and lies b/w Arambol and Ashwem,

Mandrem is home to a community of fishermen. A narrow lane dotted with a number of restaurants, therapy centers and hotels leads to the lovely silent beach.

Mandrem is highly famous among tourists for meditation yoga and Ayurveda center.

You may find a no of shacks too hat provide spiritually slented exercise along the beach

So in all Mendrem beach is a quite Good place t stay and especially when you are staying at some deluxe resorts like Mandrem Beach resort and Boomerang Resort, especially when you can make it to riverside beach shack that also offers accommodation.


Ashvem beach 

Ashvem beach known for its secular and peacefulness is located to the north of Morjim beach and is 36kms from Panaji. Ashwem beach has some unique shaped rocks, which are shaped as Shellfish. Although is a very beautiful beach it does not attract a lot of tourists. This beach has very beautiful temples and villages nearby and can be seen if you walk down the forest. Ashwem is surrounded by Coconut trees and it has a white sand beach, which makes Aswem a beautiful beach.

This beach has huts near buy and no cemented structures as construction are prohibited here, It is also a noise restricted beach due to environmental laws which makes this beach noise-free and silent place to enjoy the soothing flow of waves.

There are few staying options At Ashwem beach which are very good although, you can even find huts and but food from a lot of stalls over there.

Morjim Beach

Morjim beach comes one of the best beaches in Goa also known as the Turtle Beach is on the south of Ashwim Beach located 30 km from Panaji. Chapora Fort situated over the hill on the northern corner of Morjim Beach is visible from this beach, it also gives this beach a  picturestic view and enhances the beauty of this beach.

The reason why Morjim beach is also known Turtle beach is that it is a nesting ground for protected Olive Ridley sea turtle which comes there nesting season that is September the beach remains closed during the nesting season.

People visit a lot after the eggs are hatched to experience the amazing journey with the hatchlings in the sea.

It is worth visiting Morjim beach during the months of November to April as you can enjoy the plan of black sand with a green Arabian sea. It’s a wonderful experience at such a silent place covered with a lot of shacks, where you can put your belongings and either rests on the shacks and order some food and beers or you can get wild into the sea and enjoy the waves.

You will find a lot of people doing the same and enjoying the beach.

This beach is famous for Russians and also one of the favorites of Russians. It’s the holiday destination of Russian families coming to enjoy their long holidays.

Even it has famous resorts like Marbella Beach Resort, La Valencia Beach Resort and Hakuna Matata Beach Resort.

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Image result for dona paula beach

At the beach, life is different. Surprisingly, time doesn’t move hour to hour but a moment to moment.  Here you live by the currents, plan by the tides and follow the sun. Plan your next holiday walking around a beautiful beach in Goa.

“Because there’s nothing more beautiful than observing the ocean, which refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it’s sent away.”



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