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A Haven of Peace - Agonda Beach


A walk over the narrow expanse of golden white sand glimmering in the sunlight, by the serene azure water extending till infinity... Sounds like a movie scene from Greece? Well, good news for all travel enthusiasts and In fact for everyone seeking peace and tranquility. Agonda beach in Goa provides the perfect weekend getaway for a fun-filled, thrilling, sedate yet affordable experience. The beach is located in the namesake village Agonda in the South Goa district.


How to reach the Agonda Beach?

Dabolim Airport is hardly 70 km away from the Agonda beach. One can reach the beach by hiring a taxi which can be found outside the airport or even outside Madgaon railway station. The taxi charges would range from anywhere between 1,800 and 2,000 rupees varying according to the facilities one chooses.  Going through Concana railway station by hiring an auto-rickshaw would cost around 300 rupees. Hiring an auto rickshaw or going through a bus are economical options for reaching the beach.  


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What is the best season to visit Agonda?

The general weather of Agonda is warm with an average temperature of 33 degrees Celsius during the daytime which drops to 20 degrees at night. Being a naturally warm place, it thrives with tourists in mid-autumn and winters, the peak season ranging from late October up until mid-March. In order to get good deals, it is advised to visit Agonda during late March and early April, when the summer starts settling in and the place is not saturated with tourists. 

What are the best transportation options to get around Agonda?

Vehicles locally called tuk-tuks are the best option to explore Agonda like a local. Tuk-tuks can be found outside the church or even outside railway stations. One can even hire motorbikes and scooters to discover the buzzing alleys of Agonda and thrive the markets like a pro. Even buses can be taken up to get to places around road 49.

What ate various types of holiday stays?


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The various types of Hotels at Goa are

  • Motel accommodation which ranges from the studio or two bedrooms. One can even find cooking facilities here.

  • Hotels- there are a variety of hotels available, budget, luxury, B&B, among others.

  • Hostels are a good alternative for budget travelers and backpackers. Single room, double and twin dormitories are available.

  • Apartment’s Great option to have a home-like feel in a strange city. Travelers can cook, do their laundry and enjoy the holiday.

  • Holiday Homes - Taking a holiday home on rent is the best affordable alternative to renting an apartment. Varieties of holiday homes are available catering to every traveler’s preference.

  • Homestays are the best option to befriend locals who act as warm guests. The homeowners and guests share all the facilities and live like a family.


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What are some best stays near Agonda beach?

There are a number of comfortable hotels in Goa. Some of the best stays in Agonda are

  1. Agonda White Sand is a luxury cottage which is only 0.5 km away from the beach.  Bar and restaurant facilities are also provided by the hotel. The price ranges from Rs.1,800-3,500. 

  2. Agonda Villas provides a luxury stay with two Grand and 3 Luxury villas. The villas are well equipped with all the necessary facilities. The price range per night is Rs. 6,000-8,000.

  3. Agonda Cottages is located 10 kms away from Palolem beach. The cottages provide an idyllic escape to travelers. The price varies between 4,200-6,900.

  4. Kashinath Beach Huts these huts are beach facing and also provide private porch overlooking the beach. The price per night of the huts is 2000 - Rs.3000. 

  5.  Mariposa Beach Grove- this is located at the northern end of the beach. The grove consists of up to 7 villas facing the beach

  6. Vilasa Ahuta - this houses 4 resorts comprising of enticing view and facilities.

  7. Rama Resort provides a comfortable cottage on the beachside. One night package here costs between 1,800-3,500. 

  8. Madhu Beach Huts houses cottages of premium quality ensuring a comfortable stay for the guests. The price for the cottages ranges between Rs. 1,800-3,500. 

  9. Agonda Beach Huts- cottages with full amenities and baths, with prices ranging between Rs.800 - Rs.2,000. 

  10. Cuba Agonda - there are luxury AC bungalows and non-AC rooms in Cuba resort. 


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What are the different water sports at Goa?

The various watersports at Goa are

1. Kneeboarding

Kneeboarding is the easier version of water skiing yet equally fun. You just require a kneeboard and lots of adrenaline for this.

2. Kayaking

When tired after a fun party night, kayaking is the go-to water sport for acquiring all that thrill of water sports in your comfort zone.

3. Wakeboarding

It is like Water Skiing, but instead of two boards there only one. A must-try water sport in Goa. 

4. Windsurfing

Extremely exciting and thrilling, windsurfing is more or less a blend of sailing on waves and surfing

5. Scuba Diving

Explore the magnificent aquatic life by diving deep into azure blue waters. Scuba diving at Goa is the best water sport for thrill enthusiasts and aquatic life lovers. 

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7. Jet Skiing

Gliding through the limitless waters of the Arabian Sea while wind guides your direction over water is such a surreal experience. Jet skiing is a must when visiting Goa

8. Banana Tube Boat Ride

Banana tube boat ride is basically a ride on a banana-shaped boat. With water splashing under the sun’s rays, it is the perfect easy water sport for young and old

9. Parasailing

Parasailing is one of the most popular water sports in Goa. It is a surreal experience and Goa is the best place for first-time parasailers.

10. Flyboarding

Flyboarding is more or less a combination of jetpack and jet skiing. A fly board which is connected to a jet ski shoots it high up in the air. 

11.  Water Skiing

Skiing through water is the ultimate food for ones hunger for a thrill. Although sufficient skill is required, water skiing is a water sport that is on every traveler’s bucket list.

12. Paddleboarding

This involves standing on a surfboard which is oversized and sailing through with just one paddle. 

13. Snorkeling

Snorkeling is another way of discovering the underwater world. It is an easy water sport and can be easily done in Goa.

14. Speed Boating

Speed boating as a water sport can’t be skipped whilst one is in Goa. It provides a thrilling experience and even guides are available for it. 


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15. Dinghy Sailing

Dinghy Sailing is similar to windsurfing. It is one of the top water sports in Goa.

16. Water Zorbing

Zorbing ball on water signifies double fun. Water Zorbing is a unique water sport allowing one to tumble and turn on the Goan waves while inside the orb. 

17. Ringo Ride

Ringo Ride is a fun ride in which a circular tube has pulled a boat while a person is riding the tube. It is a fun and unique experience.

Goa is thus a surreal place which has offered something or the other for different kinds of travelers. From the pristine beaches to the wild beach parties it caters to everyone’s interest. Goa is undoubtedly a must visit place. Agonda beach is one of the best beaches of Goa.  Agonda is one of the four beaches announced as turtle nesting sites by the Coastal Regulation Zone 2011. Agonda's popularity can be assessed from the fact that in 2016 the beach was ranked 4th on "Travelers Choice” in Asia by Trip advisor and first in India.


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