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Arambol which is highly crowded by the Russian and the British crowd is a beautiful beach located at the extreme north of Goa. Arambol has a long and beautiful stretch of beach with variants of the landscape. Sweet water lake is the most beautiful scenery of Arambol beach. amateurs 

Sweet water lake: Sweet water lake is located at the extreme north of Arambol beach. Sweet water lake is famous for the crowd there in search of peace and scenery. It is 67 km from Margao railway station, 35kms from Panjim, 27 km from Calangute beach.

How to reach 

As Goa is famous for traveling on Scotties, one can easily reach there with a drive of a maximum of 1hour and 15mins from Panjim city. So one can take their vehicle till Arambol beach, after reaching there one has to park their vehicle there and walk down for about 1.5kms, 20 mins passing through a beautiful flea market over there. Fashionable people can pick some commodities from there as per there choice.

Although it’s a long walk through the flea market and constrains passages, one actually enjoys the views from the path that leads to a sweet water lake. If tired one can get some refreshing seafood at the small restaurants on the way. Having a seat at these restaurants and enjoying the awesome view of the sea from there is the very must thing to do.

Reaching sweet water lake

Once you get down from the path you will find a rocky beach that gives an awesome view of water splashing through the rocks. One can stand and ask to click a great picture of themselves for their cover picture of the Goa trip.

As you walk ahead you will find the no of rocks decreasing and the beach sand increasing. One will actually love the way they encounter a lovely place hidden behind the rocks and mountains. After reaching sweet water lake one will actually believe that “Nature is the art of Goa”.

The seashore and a distance of 50 mts and then a lake just separated by the coconut tress is what we call God’s creation.

This view actually takes my breath away to make me feel my soul.

Spending time: Once you reach there you will encounter a number of resting seats with an umbrella over them. The view of sweet water lake will catch your eyes and you could not stop yourself diving into it. I personally say that it is not at all risky to dive in the lake.

As the sun rises over the head the mountain scenery becomes more beautiful and enchanting. You can also have a mud bath as there are local people who give you a mud bath at a minimal cost. You can also ask the vendors for coconut milk and water.

Just opposite the sweet water lake, there is a beautiful beach. The surprising thing is that 100 mts of land separates the sweet water lake and the salty sea. The land which separates the lake and the sea is covered with coconut trees which gives a very good shed and can be eaten below easily.

As the sun goes down the sea, the waves rise and prove to be perfect timing to get into the salty water and experience the surfing force of the water. The sweet water lake, Arambol beach gives you a very pleasant chance to experience your inner voice.

As the sun starts taking its lights away those in the salty waters can have a wonderful view of the setting sun with waters all around them oh it seems so beautiful that just forget everything and enjoy the sunset from such a wonderful place. And with time it will be dark and the moon would be shining on you. 

It may be dark but when you turn around and see the place, its lake palace beach with coconut trees, mountain and lake accompanying them.

Its time to move to the beach and make your self a place with some stole. Have a seat with your children’s and order something from the lake view restaurant which gives a wonderful view of the lake during the day time. This time is to sit outside and enjoy the place till midnight.

It’s a very pleasant place to be seated and enjoy the night with a water bottle and a restaurant in Goa. There may be a few people more enjoying the place like you. That’s the very best part of that place.

And till its 12 you can head to your place and call it a wonderful night at the sweet water lake which is the best spot of Russian and British crowd in the season timings. Yes, they come to enjoy their time here like all of us.

So, guys, sweet water lake is a must-visit whenever you visit next to Goa.


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