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On the very second day of my second trip to Goa, I experienced the Morjim beach for the second time, Isn’t it great.

Let’s talk about Morjim beach a little bit first.

Its history says that its a beach where the sea turtles approach to lay down their eggs so it is known as the turtle beach. The sand on the beach is a little black and silver in color and when you have a closer look you will find some eroded pieces of dead snails, which gives a clear signal that this sand is made of the eroded parts of dead snails shell.


 Taking about the view there is a lush green mountain on the southern part of the beach. There are a number of sacks available so that you can make yourself comfortable and order some Seafood, starters, etc.

During the day time, it is very easy to get a bath in the ocean water. The crowding ratio is dominated by foreigners who come there to spend a wonderful evening with their companion, even Indian crowd comes to hit the sea. 

The beach has sufficient space for people to have long walk ears filled with the sound of splashing waves and eyes capturing a wonderful sunset view. What makes the beach more beautiful is the silence over there. As it a breeding space of turtles Goa government does not allow loud music on the beach to conserve the natural habitat. It is definitely not a partying spot like Baga beach and Anjuna beach.

Getting into the cold seawater is a good idea when the sun is at the top of your head, It makes you feel relaxed on such a sunny day.

You can even carry a football and play in the wet smooth beach as it is very comfortable to run in such sand and neither too dry nor too wet.

Again sunset is the best time to experience Morjim. You can step into the water and experience the high tide waves if you are confident in swimming skills. As the sun goes down and the moon comes up the tides get more rigorous and the crowd starts leaving for the party places or to their homes. At that time you can have a dip into the sea with high tides, even standing with water up to your chest will feel crazy, The waves are good enough to make you go out of your senses and draw you back to the land.

This time when we entered the sea during the day, we could go deep till our neck as the waves were not that rigorous and we knew how to get through those small less aggressive tides. After getting that deep into the sea it gives an amazing feeling when you walk out the waters, you may even feel like having a photoshoot.

Although we did not carry a ball with us we borrowed it from a Russian couple. Vikash (my elder brother ) and I set up the goalposts with our footwear and started playing on one, within 10-15 minutes the beach was converted into a football ground and the ratio was again dominated by Russians. Russians were really good at playing football and the good thing is that you don’t even sweat while playing due to the cold breeze blowing.

The best part was that no one cared whats the score as everyone was enjoying the match.

We also decided to get into the noisy beach in the moonlight. As we entered the sea we could see the high waves approaching us but we continued till the water came till our chest, The depth was not at all stagnant and kept changing. The high tides were so aggressive in nature that if we loose our sight and not take a floating action at the right moment then it can eventually drown us. It was an offbeat experience and the sea was actually testing our swimming skills. And the few tides were so random that we opted to come out and have some rest on the sacks.

So if you are looking for a silent beach to spend your day at Goa head to Morjim ( The turtle beach)



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