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Butterfly Beach


Located in the southern region of the Palolem region in Goa is a secluded beach going by the name of Butterfly Beach. It is filled with dense flora and fauna. It is aptly named Butterfly due to the diverse population of butterflies that inhabit the beach. Due to its secluded location, Butterfly beach is hard to access via vehicles. The beach has a cove-like structure, covered by thick forest on one part and a wide-open sea on the other part. There is no better pleasure than sitting at the shore of a beach with glowing golden sand and deep blue water.


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Modes of Travel

Due to its secluded location, it is hard to reach Butterfly beach on foot. On foot, reaching Butterfly beach requires a trek through the dense forests. The easy way to reach this dream destination is to rent a boat or ferry from the nearby Palolem or Agonda Beach. Boat rental costs vary from boat to boat. The ferry service generally requires no prior booking or reservations. They are usually available on all days and all times, with ferries going to and fro every few hours.


Modes of Accommodation

Being located in a remote place means, Butterfly beach does not have proper tourist infrastructure to house tourists. People visiting the beach tend to resort to accommodation near Palolem or Agonda.


Some alternative hotels in Palolem and Agonda are as follows:

The Palolem Guest House

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Oceanic Hotel

Gardenia Resort

Tubki Resort 

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Palolem Beach Resort 

Home to Exotic Butterflies

Being a beach with a forest nearby means that Butterfly beach houses a wide variety of plants and trees. These plants and trees attract some of the most beautiful creatures. Tiny and colorful butterflies can be spotted around every corner of the beach. Butterfly lovers are bound to find this place as a delight to visit. Along with butterflies it even houses various exotic species of birds and beetles.

Dolphin Sightings

Like many other beaches of Goa, Butterfly beach is home to a lot of dolphins. Motorboats are available on rent to tourists which take them on the exotic experience of getting close to these dolphins there is a different kind of peace in being surrounded by a pod of dolphins in the middle of a calm and serene sea. The dolphins are very calm and joyful aquatic animals to be around and as such the dolphin sightings are a major tourist attraction towards Butterfly Beach.

An Exciting Picnic Spot

Butterfly Beach has everything it takes to qualify as a perfect picnic spot. Untouched by the hectic and wild rave parties that surround other beaches of Goa, Butterfly beach is a rather calm and peaceful spot. Surrounded by dense forests on the front of a deep blue sea makes it suitable for a variety of picnic games. It is a family-friendly spot that people of all ages can enjoy.


Water Sporting Opportunities

Being a beach, it opens doors to all sorts of water sports. Tourists visiting Butterfly beach will get plenty of water sporting opportunities. One thing that separates Butterfly beach from other beaches of Goa is the low tide nature of the sea. The sea is rather calm with slow and peaceful tides.


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Some Common Water sporting activities available at Butterfly Beach are as follows:

  • Rowing

  • Sailing

  • Board Fishing

  • Scuba Diving

The main attraction is the scuba diving activity available at this beach. Along with professional guides and rentable scuba gear, tourists can go into the aquatic world and explore the deep blue seas. Scuba diving is made especially breath-taking due to the presence of various exotic aquatic species like Dolphins. Scuba diving is a highly recommended activity for those visiting Butterfly beach.


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A Perfect Honeymoon Location

The thing that a newly wedded couple needs are seclusion and peaceful time with their significant other. Butterfly beach provides the time and perfects surrounding a couple of needs. Beautiful sunsets, golden sands, dense forests, deep blue sea and a variety of activities to take part in is all one would need to have a memorable and perfect honeymoon.


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Worth A Visit?!

With a deep blue sea on its front and a dense forest on its back combined with a serene surrounding makes Butterfly Beach a Bucket list worthy place to visit. The beach has a certain vibe of calmness to it. It is a great place to visit for those who are in search of themselves or searching for an escape from the day to day bustle of life. Who knows, you might just find your purpose in life at this beach. Imagine sitting on the golden sands at the shore of a calm sea with a majestic forest on your back as the sun sets and with it all your worries and problems. Visit Butterfly Beach today and make this imagination come to life.

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