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  • 4k Video of Bungee Jumping
  • Drone Video Shoot (On extra charges)
  • 5 Photos of your bungee jump (Soft Copy)
  • Bungee Certificate
  • Bungee Jump Equipments 


09:00 AM TO 06:00 PM

Note:- *Please book at least 2 days prior,

if you book within 24 hours, please confirm first.

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Goa Planners feels enthusiastic to introduce you to the thrilling Bungee Jumping in Goa.

We know you're high on adrenaline to make your memorable Bungee Jump, but there are a few of things we need you to know first.

AGE: Minimum 16 years old. Children 10 - 17 Years require an adult to sign consent at check-in.

WEIGHT: Minimum 35kg to 150kg. Weight difference between tandem Jumpers must not exceed 30kg. Maximum combined weight 150kg.

DURATION: Allow 2 hours. TIMINGS: 9:00AM TO 6:00 PM daily.

HEIGHT: Our fixed platform Bungee tower lift gives liberty to choose your height to jump. You can jump from the height of 40m/50m/60m. It also makes our Bungee as only 1 in the world of its kind.

PRICE: Adult Per Person (above 17 years): RS 3450/-

Junior per Person (10-17 years): RS 2550/-

CLOTHING: Please ensure you wear flat, secure and enclosed footwear. Chappals, slippers, non strapped sandals or high heels are not allowed. Wear Comfortable. Wear clothes like Singles, T-shirts, shorts or pants. Avoid wearing a skirt dress.


Safety is a prime consideration in everything we do. With Strict safety checks, non compromising SANZ (standard of Australia and New Zealand) standard operation procedure, super active Bungee masters, lively and dynamic crew, we believe to call Bungee Jump in Goa as one of the safest Bungee Jumps around the globe.

The safety, security and enjoyment of our customers are our absolute number one priority. Our safety procedures have been designed very precisely keeping the enjoyment of jumpers in mind. We regularly check, fix, and update our equipment and procedures. National and international industry standards were strictly followed in equipments and safety procedures.

MEDICAL CONSIDERATIONS: Make sure you’re well rested, drank lots of water to keep yourself hydrated and have recently eaten, before you go to Jump.

Be open to inform to crew if you have any of medical considerations like low blood pressure, heart conditions, epilepsy, high myopia, broken or fractured bones/dislocations, fragile skin, neurological disorders, diabetes, asthma, prosthetics, panic/anxiety attacks or any recent sprains/muscular injuries. Informing us will help us to take the appropriate action in case of any emergency.

Pregnant activity-seekers are strictly not allowed to Bungee Jump. Doctor's certificate is needed for those with photosensitive epilepsy. Also, if you have osteoporosis, scoliosis or a recent concussion.

For safety reasons, wearing of glasses is not allowed.

EQUIPMENTS: As safety is most important to us. Our safety equipments are designed by equipment experts and team strictly following all the safety standards. We keep on updating our equipment with the latest technologies available. Regulatory controls and our quality assurance system ensure the fitness for use of the equipment at all times.
Compromise on safety is not in our dictionary!

PHOTOS & VIDEOS: You are a Bungee Jump hero and we make you look like one. Our 5 different 4k camera angle, 1 flying copter and highly professional video editing team gives you the best memory of your life. Your video is presented in most epic documentary styles. The videos, designed are easy to upload on all social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and even easily portable on Whatsapp. Yes, we do charge for the video and pictures, but surely your glory tale is incomplete without the video.

Bungee Jumping in Goa is must to do activity for all thrill seekers.

You are welcome to drive yourself and there is free parking.
Goa Bungee Jumping point is only 45 mins drive from Calangute, Anjuna or Baga. Get exact map locations prior starting your journey after booking confirmation.
Open daily 9.00am to 6.00pm
Please check in at the Goa Bungee at your scheduled activity time.

We are sure that you will be happy to onboard with Goa planners for this amazing and thrilling experience.