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Inclusions:- Approximately 5 to 10 minutes of paragliding flight Go pro video of paragliding Paragliding Equipments  Timing:- 09:00 AM TO 06:00 PM Note:- *Please book at least 2 days prior, if you book within 24 hours, please confirm first. Go Through:- Goa planners is pleased to introduce you to the thrilling Paragliding in Goa. Paragliding in India is safe and just the right sport to indulge in for those who crave for some adventure. Paragliding is a recreational activity which makes you fly high in the sky just like the colorful birds. Paragliders use a paragliding wing to ride the wind. People often confuse paragliding with parasailing, but these too are very different from each other. The concepts are similar but paragliding takes you up to 100 meters in the sky or much more than that unlike parasailing. Paragliding is such an activity which has been invented long back and holds a special place in people’s heart. To have a view just like the birds do is what this 15 minutes paragliding would make you experience.