Experience Goa like never before !

Chronicle , Ozran beach

Chornicle is located a small slice of heaven called Little Vagator is one of the best party place in Goa. The four multi levels include natural sand dance floor, a cocktail baras well as a high end spirits bar and continental food restaurant which has a very romantic atmosphere, come and enjoy an evening of waves crashing, sunset and stars glistening into the night.

Chornicle host the popular Daylight party on every Thursdays during the peak time of Goa.

Once you get into Chronicle you will not be able to take your steps backward , you will be moving ,dancing , enjoying the beauty of the place and will be waiting for the sun to rise as it will give you a completely different scenic view which you may not have seen earlier in you life time .

So this time when you visit Goa do not miss to get into Chronicle . The harder the Name , harder it is to get inside the party. So try it.