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Inclusions:-  Jet Ski  Banana Bumper  Speed boat  Parasailing Timing:- 10:00 am to 05:00 pm ( One and half hour slots ) Note:- *Please book at least 2 days prior, if you book within 24 hours, please confirm first.  Go Through:- Ever felt the breeze of the sea in Goa? The calm and soothing breeze that refreshens your mind? The air that lets your soul free? The long stretches of sand of the beaches of Goa that purifies your view and sight from within? Well Not? Then here is your chance! Goa planners is pleased to introduce you to the Water Sports Combo Package . It is one of the best water sports packages in Goa and involves the best water sports in Goa. This package constitutes of 5 water sports rides . 1: Jet Ski Ride , 2: Banana Ride , 3: Bumper Ride , 4: Speed Boat , 5:Parasailing . Jet ski involves the use water scooters to raid over the seas, it involves single person while a banana ride invovles many people riding on a banana shaped tube to ride over the sea being pulled by a speed boat, while bumper ride is a sport in which a person sitting on a floating tube is tugged by a speed boat, while speed boat involves mere speed and adrenaline rush and parasailing is an activity is a sport in Goa in which a speedboat tugs you along as you fly up in the sky. It involves some of the most adventurous activities to let you explore this wonder of the nature, we call it as sea! One would surely delve into a world beyond this world while trying these activities. These activities will be for a duration of 1 and half hours in Total . We are sure that you will be happy to onboard with Goa planners for this amazing experience .